Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns of 2011

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Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns of 2011

2011 is nearing its end, so who made Hollyscoop's list of the Top 10 Celebrity Melt-downs?! Unless Justin Bieber gets in there before New Years Eve and claims he knocked up Selena Gomez, these are the celebs with the most notable public melt-downs of the year.

Infidelity! Words With Friends! and Playboy! Oh My!


10. Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera started off 2011 on a high-note, err I mean the wrong note. After Christina Aguilera couldn't remember the lyrics to the star spangled banner at the 2011 Super Bowl, which is totally silly because the song only has like 6 lines to remember, she then went into low-key meltdown mode. Aguilera started performing again and wore some outfits that should have been reserved for the wardrobes of tranny Miss Piggy. At the Michael Jackson tribute show she squeezed into some fishnets, a ratted wig, and an unforgiving leotard and every blog was ripping her a new one, just like that leotard did every time she tried to zip-it up. Awww that's mean. Keep it.


9. Alec Baldwin: Alec Baldwin has the weirdest melt-down this year. While flying American Airlines, he was kicked off the plane when he refused to quit playing "Words With Friends" on his iPhone. Instead of apologizing, he started tweeting like crazy as to why American Airlines sucks, he then temporarily deleted his twitter account and did a skit on SNL where he attempted to prove that he was in the right. American Airlines is even pushing to add him to the no-fly list and remove his NBC series 30 Rock from in-flight entertainment. I see this being a problem for myself and the six other people who actually watch 30 Rock.


8. Anthony Weiner: NY Congressman Anthony Weiner twitpic'd a photo of his penis to some random 21-year-old co-ed which forced him to "pull out" of office, because the media was being too "hard on" him. Sorry, just a few jokes I keep close to my heart. However, the most offensive thing here is not that he was a congressman, or that he had a wife, or that he denied the penis pic and then later admitted to it. It's that he got confused when trying to direct message the pic and instead tweeted it for all the world to see. Who taught him how to use the internet...Charlie Sheen?

7. Sinead O'Connor: 44-year-old Irish singer Sinead O'Connor had a very bizarre meltdown this summer when she posted a blog about being on the brink of "humping her truck," as in her vehicle, as in ready to make love to her car. I'd say that's rock bottom. She posted a blog where she wrote that she was so desperate she was looking for a "very sweet sex-starved man." Wow, I bet the letters were piling in. Hi, My name is John and I'm very nice but also very horny, want to talk about sex with trucks? Hit me up!? Anyways, it worked for a minute because O'Connor got married in a quickie Vegas wedding earlier this month. Only problem is the marriage ended 18 days later. Oh well.


6. Kelsey & Camille Grammer: Former Frasier star and his Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ex-wife Camille Grammer were involved in a bitter divorce, but things got real hood when Camille started to comment about his manhood, err, lack-thereof. Camille told TMZ that Kelsey Grammer was "big hands, big feet, big disappointment." Whether this is true or maybe Camille is just hurt at how quickly he moved on to marrying a younger woman, Kelsey acted like an idiot in the aftermath. During an appearance on a Australia TV show, they played clips of Camille on her reality show and Kelsey exploded backstage, yelling expletives at the shows producers.


5. Ashton Kutcher: Ashton Kutcher got himself into very hot water when he decided to stray into greener pasture, and by hot water I mean "divorce court" and by greener pasture I mean, "someone else’s vag." On the eve of Ashton and Demi Moore's 6 year anniversary, Ashton cheated on Demi with some 21-year-old girl named Sarah Leal. The couple tried to work through their problems by going to Kabbalah classes and camping together, but they eventually decided to end their marriage. Throughout the drama, these two were cryptically tweeting up a metaphorical storm. Also, what is Demi gonna do about her @Mrskutcher twitter handle? These are the real issues, people!


4. Kim Kardashian: What can I even say about Kim Kardashian that hasn't been television on the E! Network? After being one of the most over-exposed reality stars ever, Kim allegedly "hired" Kris Humphies to act as husband for her reality series, planned a $10 million wedding like it was no big deal, and then divorced Humphries 72 days later. Her fans reportedly felt duped by her entire relationship with Humphries and claimed it was all set-up for television. Now Kim is doing damage control, and by that I mean Kourtney Kardashian got knocked up and is stealing the spotlight. Thank goodness for timing!


3. Lindsay Lohan: Where do I even start...Lindsay Lohan was on house arrest for stealing a necklace. She reportedly bailed on an interview with Matt Lauer during house arrest. She showed up late to community service at the Morgue and got kicked out. She refused to do community service at the Downtown LA women's center and also got kicked out of that. She was in and out of court like regular people go to Starbucks. She was in jail for like 4 hours and then she was posing naked for Playboy. She actually postponed jail so she could make time for Playboy. She then partied in Hawaii and missed an interview with Ellen Degeneres and also her naked photos leaked online. So yeah, in a nutshell, Lindsay Lohan had one heck of a year.


2. Arnold Schwarzenegger: In May 2011, we found out that Schwarzenegger, the body builder turned actor turned California governor, fathered a child out of wedlock with his nanny. The kid is now 14-years-old and somehow he managed to keep it a secret all these years. Talk about deadbeat dad. His wife Maria Shriver was obviously outraged and the couple separated very soon after. Schwarzenegger stayed mum during the accusations, but strangely enough it hasn't hurt his acting career, he's already got three movies in pre-production.

Charlie Sheen

1. Charlie Sheen: If you look up "public melt-down" in the dictionary it will direct you to the section on "Effects of Cocaine Use" and then that definition will re-direct you to the section on "Charlie Sheen." After getting fired from "Two and a Half Men" he went on a "winning" streak, which wasn't really a winning streak at all. Claiming he was made of "Adonis DNA and tiger blood," parading around a gaggle of live-in porn stars he referred to as "goddesses," he went from being the highest-paid TV actor, to just the highest.