Timeline: The Fall of Charlie Sheen

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Timeline: The Fall of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen thinks he’s A-ok, the public knows better. Even his family is worried enough to want to send him back to rehab.

We’ve broken down the last year or so of Charlie’s life to analyze what went wrong, and how he’s ended up where he is.

Charlie celebrated Christmas of 2009 behind bars after threatening his wife at the time Brooke Mueller with a knife at their home in Aspen.

Charlie Sheen Arrested

The two had been partying a bunch and doing drugs, and Charlie was later charged with felony menacing. But when you have Charlie Sheen kind of money, it helps you get out of hairy situations like this. Plus, a quick check-in to rehab makes everyone think you’re serious about sobriety.

Report: Charlie Sheen in Rehab for Cocaine and Alcohol Abuse

Charlie checked into rehab at Promises for drugs and alcohol, but we heard it was a total front, and that he was still getting high behind closed doors. He checked himself out in March so he could focus back on Two and a Half Men,

He pleaded not guilty in May of 2010 on domestic violence charges. He returned to his $2 million-a-week paycheck and awaited his trial in July.

Charlie Sheen Pleads Not Guilty

Charlie’s hearing was postponed for a month in July because the prosecutor wanted more time to iron out the fine print of the plea deal. One month later, his rockstar lawyers were able to get him out of any jail time if he agreed to go back to rehab.

Charlie Sheen Going to Rehab...Again

For a second there, we thought Charlie was turning over a new leaf. He said in a statement, "I'm very grateful to the court and to the people of Pitkin County. I look forward to complying with the court's decision, getting on with my life and putting this behind me."

The following two months, we didn’t hear much from Charlie. But boy did he come back with a vengeance! On October 26th of 2010, the NYPD responded to a call at the Plaza in NYC—Charlie was discovered drunk, high and naked with a porn star named Capri Anderson, who claimed he’d held her there against her will.

Charlie Sheen Found Drunk and Naked in Hotel Room With Escort

The Plaza claimed $7000 worth of damage was done to the room—meanwhile his ex-wife Denise Rihards and their two daughters slept in a room down the hall.

Porn Star to Charlie Sheen: I'm Coming to Get You!

Anderson tried getting her 15 minutes by appearing on the Today Show to talk about how distraught she was over the situation, and tried to extort him for money. It didn’t exactly work out for her, since her story was soon forgotten.

Meanwhile, Charlie finally got around to divorcing Brooke. Grlfriend has it made now—she gets $55,000 a month in child support. Charlie continued to brush off the hooker incident, and eventually the cops just dropped it, saying they didn’t believe Charlie “engaged in criminal conduct of any kind.” Guess drugs are legal when yo’re famous!

Charlie Sheen Off the Hook for Hooker Incident

Exactly one month later Charlie was back at it. This time his city of choice was Vegas. On January 10th, it was reported that he spent the weekend on a massive bender with porn stars.

Sources referred to the party as a “revolving door” of porn stars in his room, including Jesse James’s ex Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

"Charlie is partying hard. This looks like New York all over again,” said a source.

He jetted back to LA that Tuesday just in time for taping, but decided to go back for more fun the following weekend. Friends and family started to get worried again, and the suits at CBS got pissed at his behavior.

Charlie Sheen Parties in Vegas With Porn Stars

Which brings us to the current catastrophe! Just this week, Charlie was rushed to the hospital after his latest bender—which lasted over 24 hours!

His rep Stan Rosenfield tried to pretend his client was there because he was having stomach pains, but we all know better at this point.

Charlie Sheen Rushed to the Hospital!

Yet another porn star came forward to recall the eventful rager she participated in with Sheen the night prior, adding that “bricks” of cocaine were dropped off at one point, and Charlie was smoking it out of a pipe.

As of today, Charlie was released from the hospital to rest up for work next Tuesday. After that bender, we’re hoping he sleeps until the alarm goes off that morning.

Charlie's Porn Star Speaks: It Was All About Drinking, Coke and Porn!

Denise Richards and Charlie’s parents were with him in the hospital, and sources say they’re keeping a close eye on him since he’s left.

As for his job, time will tell if CBS tells Charlie he has to get help if he wants his job back. It’ll be pretty sad if they keep letting it go just because he’s their biggest star.

Obviously Charlie doesn’t think he has a problem. One of his friends said, He doesn't think he's going to die. He doesn't want to stop. In his eyes, he thinks, 'I'm having fun, so what? I'm making $2 million a week, the show has the best ratings, I show up for up work. What's the problem?' "

Stay tuned for the next chapter!