The Real Reason Charlie Wasn't Awarded Custody

April 20, 2011 By:
The Real Reason Charlie Wasn't Awarded Custody

The judge in the Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller custody case had a hard time choosing sides yesterday because...well...both parents are complete messes.

Judge Goldberg was aware that Brooke had fallen off the wagon last week and went back to rehab (for like the 12th time), but refused to give Charlie full custody because he's been an even bigger mess than Brooke for months.

He's barely been sane for a week or two, and that just wasn't enough for the judge.

According to TMZ, the judge thought their twins, Max and Bob, were better suited being taken care of by nannies and other random staff members than their own parents.

No word yet if Brooke is back in rehab or just checked in and out like she usually does, but one things for sure--these two shouldn't have been allowed to procreate.

It's a sad day when Charlie, who recently went on a coke binge with "bricks of cocaine" is the better parent. My six year old niece would do a better job of parenting than these two. If you were the judge in this case, what would your ruling be?