Tape of Charlie Sheen's Wild Night Could Exist

November 1, 2010 By:
Tape of Charlie Sheen's Wild Night Could Exist

We didn’t even think about this—there’s a possibility of a tape from Charlie Sheen’s wild night in NYC floating around out there!

Sheen’s “people” are reportedly scared sh*tless about the chance of video existing. "Team Charlie is terrified that tape exists and [they're] doing everything they possibly can to make sure it never sees the light," a friend of Sheen’s tells Popeater.com.

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"Security cameras at the restaurant and hotel could have all caught his outrageous behavior, something that his people want to make sure the public never gets to see."

But even if video from the Plaza is released, sources say Charlie isn’t worried since it won’t contain audio. What he is concerned with is his lost cell phone!

"The reason everyone is so concerned about Charlie's phone is it contains text messages, phone numbers and could even contain damaging video and audio," the source explains. "If any audio surfaces of Charlie using the N-word or ranting like Mel Gibson, everything changes. It's easy for CBS to turn a blind eye and carry on as if nothing happened at the moment, but the second hard evidence is produced, Charlie is sunk."

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We hope there is some sort of damaging evidence on that phone. Charlie Sheen needs a big old wake up call—he’s acting like a spoiled little brat. He definitely doesn’t deserve to making crazy money like that if he’s going to act like this.