Stoner Sarah Silverman: Charlie Sheen is "Too Cokey" For Me

March 21, 2011 By:
Stoner Sarah Silverman: Charlie Sheen is

Charlie Sheen might be following her on Twitter, but Sarah Silverman has no desire to be one of his “goddesses”.

Silverman said on the Joy Behar show,

“I’m probably not his type. I know he’s totally sober, but whether he is or not, I don’t like that coke-y energy…I’m a stoner. I like slow and chilled and let’s watch TV.”

Not only that, but Sarah talks back too much to be a Charlie Sheen goddess. I’m pretty sure that job entails doing what you’re told and not making sarcastic comments about whatever that is. And if Charlie Sheen shot Kelly Preston in the arm, I’d hate to see what he’d do to a wisecracker like Sarah Silverman.

In fact, he’s probably not even aware she’s female. It would take a lot of convincing on her part, and Sheen would only respond with: “But--you speak. And you don’t take your clothes off for money. You’re obviously a man.”