Stars React to Charlie Sheen's Meltdown: "I Think Replacing Him Would Set a Better Example"

March 10, 2011 By:
Stars React to Charlie Sheen's Meltdown:

Charlie Sheen. No two words have ever done so much for so many in so brief a period of time. He’s lost his job, his mind, his kids and tons of fans.

The ticking time bomb has dominated our headlines, our news segments and our Twitter feeds. But how do stars feel about his inevitable meltdown?

Reformed party girl Carmen Electra seems to think he actually has a plan.
“I think he has it all figured out,” Carmen told Hollyscoop at the UK Style by French Connection for Sears event at new LA hotspot Lexington.

“Obviously people love the show. I think people love it so much they don’t really mind what happens in someone’s personal life as long as they show up. I think that’s what everyone is saying, especially families of the show,” she added.

But model/actress Jaime King seemed to be very concerned about his behavior, the crew and his mental illness.

“I think replacing him would set a better example. I feel saddened for his family. I wish him well and the best. I don’t think what is happening is funny or cute or something you should make T-Shirts out of,” she told Hollyscoop.

And his rants have become so disturbing, Jamie, like the rest of us, is concerned about Charlie’s well being.

King added, “I think he’s a man that’s ill. More importantly, I feel disturbed that so many people are out of a job. The crew has to feed their children and their mortgages. These are things people don’t know about. But as an actor on set, I know how many people go into making this thing. People have no idea. Just because of his antics, it’s gone now, and who knows what’s going to happen and for the actors too.”

Fashionista Nicky Hilton has so much on her plate, she ‘s hardly had time to keep up with Charlie’s Tigers blood. “I don’t really watch the show. I stay out of it. It’s got nothing to do with me and who am I to judge?”

The sad reality is that tons of people are out of a job because of Charlie Sheen. His twin boys aren’t allowed to see their Dad and Charlie is on a downward spiral and everyone is patiently waiting for his meltdown.

Do you think TAHM should continue without Charlie? And who can convince him he needs help? Tell us your thoughts below!