Roseanne Barr Defends Crazy Charlie Sheen, Blasts Chuck Lorre

March 8, 2011 By:
Roseanne Barr Defends Crazy Charlie Sheen, Blasts Chuck Lorre

Charlie Sheen has lost his job, his mind, his kids and a lot of fans, but at least he'll always have Roseanne Bar. Wait...

Roseanne is sticking up for crazy Charlie on her blog, claiming he's not high on drugs, but rather he's "on a manic high." Yeah, that makes it better.

"Charlie is not on drugs, though he can get them from the porn star goddesses that come and go, but his urine shows clean - i think charlie is in a manic high, and is unable to get any drugs to bring him down anymore - his tiger blood statement is from that 'eye of the tiger' focus that manics have," Barr posted.

She added: "Manics can really work hard and play hard at the same time, until they hit a wall, and then they are in bed and depressed for a long time, so they start taking drugs again to get energy to work."

Meanwhile, she also criticized Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre. "Anybody can do your job, really. other guys are funny and not repulsive to intelligent women, though those s**t chuck lorre lines could choke a f**king horse, and render any actor who recites them stone cold soul dead," she posted.

Roseanne and Chuck worked together on her ABC show Roseanne, and clearly it didn't end well.

The whole Charlie #winning was hilarious at first, and his fans really were standing by him, but over the course of the last week it's gone from funny to downright disturbing.

Just hours after Warner Bros. fired him on Monday, he held another live webcast, but this time inside of reciting winning terms with Charlie, it was hard not to notice how high sick he looked. Drug face isn't cool Charlie, get it together already before you lose the only fans you have left.