Report: Charlie Sheen Checks Into Rehab

February 28, 2011 By:
Report: Charlie Sheen Checks Into Rehab

UPDATE: Charlie's not in rehab, he's at home with his goddesses.

Has the Charlie Sheen crazy train finally made its last stop? X17 Online reports that a source close to Sheen says he’s checked himself into rehab:

"Charlie knows that what he said and did last week to the cast and crew of Two and Half Men was not right. He doesn't want to come out with an apology, but this is his way of getting himself back on track."

Maybe he finally came to his senses and realized how ridiculous he was starting to sound. Which, for us, is sad, because we might not get any more public displays of insanity.

So, just in case we’re commemorating the end of his craziness, here are five of my favorite Charlie Sheen quotes of the past week.

1. “I have a disease? Bullsh-t. I cured it with my brain.”

2. “They owe me a big one – publicly – while they lick my feet.”

3. “Thomas Jefferson was a p-ssy.”

4. “I have tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA.”

5. “Duh, winning!”

What are your favorites?

And in case you missed his GMA interview, check it out below...