Rehab Specialist: Prognosis Negative for Charlie Sheen

February 28, 2011 By:
Rehab Specialist: Prognosis Negative for Charlie Sheen

We talked to Pax Prentiss, founder and director of Passages Malibu Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center, about Charlie Sheen’s current condition. And it’s official, Charlie Sheen is insane.

“Charlie may be in denial. He has said he is not going to use cocaine again. Well, let's see if he can keep that promise over the next 12 months. I hope that he does stay sober. I want desperately for Charlie Sheen to save his
life,” Prentiss tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

But I thought Charlie mind-cured himself at Sober Valley Lodge. You mean
it’s not that easy?

According to Prentiss, “Charlie has a deep psychological pain that needs to
be addressed.”

So apparently, kicking it with “two smooooooking hotties”
isn’t going to be enough.

“Charlie Sheen's behavior is alarming because it indicates that he has
damaged his brain and he may never be the same again,” Prentiss says.

if he stays sober, you may not see the old Charlie Sheen that you remember
from the movies like Wall Street or Platoon. The healthy,
sharp, talented Charlie Sheen may be lost forever.”

So, clearly, Sheen’s not ‘winning’, as much as he’d like us to believe. And
he better be careful, because experts seem to think his life is in danger.

“His body and brain cannot handle much more. If he goes back to cocaine, he
may end up…totally burnt out or possibly even die.”

Prentiss doesn’t believe that Martin Sheen’s attempt to get conservatorship
will help Charlie.

“If he wants to do drugs, there is nothing that will stop
him, certainly not a conservatorship,” says Prentiss.

Prentiss also explains how the “Bitchin’ Rockstar from Mars” passed his drug

“Drugs leave the system quickly so he may be technically ‘drug free’ right
now, but long-term drug use and abuse is still apparent.”