Prosecutors Won't Accept Charlie Sheen's Plea Deal

March 5, 2010 By:
Prosecutors Won't Accept Charlie Sheen's Plea Deal

Things aren't looking too good for Charlie Sheen. The Colorado prosecutor heading Charlie’s domestic violence case won’t accept a plea deal from him.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Arnold Mordkin will turn down any deal that does not involve a felony, reports Radaronline.

Sheen is facing one felony and two misdemeanor charges after he allegedly attacked his wife Brooke Mueller during the holidays and threatened to kill her with a knife.

Sheen’s attorney Richard Cummins told Radaronline that he would not accept any felony charge. “We have not entered a plea yet but we would be entering a plea of not guilty and certainly would not enter into any disposition that contemplated a felony because no felony occurred,” he said.

Their source added that although Charlie is one of Hollywood’s biggest names, Mordkin is concerned that “one of these days someone’s going to get killed” and he’s determined to “send a message that we as a community do not tolerate this type of behavior.”

Something tell us this is all a bluff and Charlie is going to walk away clean from the entire situation. He always does! What do you guys think?