Producers: If Charlie Sheen Bails, So Are We

April 23, 2010 By:
Producers: If Charlie Sheen Bails, So Are We

Charlie Sheen is clearly the glue that holds Two And A Half Men together. It’s a hugely watched television show now, but would you tune in if Charlie wasn’t on it?

Sheen is reportedly thinking about leaving the show in the midst of his personal and legal issues, leaving the producers wondering what will happen to the series.

According to a new report, show bosses have decided there’s no point in continuing on without their star. A source at Warner Brothers tells Radar, “There has been absolutely no discussion about reworking Two and a Half Men without Charlie. No one is even considering it. At this moment, if Charlie doesn’t come back, that’s the end of the series.”

“Charlie has never taken jobs just for the money,” a source close to the actor said. “He’s had to turn down some movie offers in the past few years because of his show schedule and he’d like to be available for that again.”

CBS is scheduled to announce its fall season line-up on May 17th so we can expect a decision by then! We think it’s a little strange Sheen would walk away from such an easy paycheck every week. He’s the highest paid TV actor in the business!