Possible 'Two and a Half Men' Charlie Sheen Exit Revealed

June 3, 2011 By:
Possible 'Two and a Half Men' Charlie Sheen Exit Revealed

Even those who aren't fans of Two and a Half Men will be curious enough to watch Ashton Kutcher's debut episode in the upcoming season.

Maybe not so much for Kutcher, but just to see how Charlie Harper will exit. There's been a lot of speculation on how Charlie Sheen's character might be killed off, but the mystery may finally be solved.

In the last episode that aired on February 14, Harper leaves to the airport with his neighbor Rose to take a flight to Paris. Sources revealed to TMZ that creator Chuck Lorre will probably use this as an exit for Charlie Harper.

Which makes me think they were planning on getting rid of Sheen the entire time. It's like your boss telling you to go ahead and take home all of your belongings on a Friday afternoon.

Either that or producers figured it was almost time for a meltdown because Sheen was getting all “druggy”.

Sources add that while a plane crash is the obvious way out, producers don't want to take that route because they don't want to make the other passengers sacrificial lambs, even if they are just fictional characters.

In related news, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller have recently reached an agreement regarding custody of their children, Bob and Max. The new agreement gives both parents joint custody. So the kids will be bi-screwed.