Pete Wentz is "Thankful" Charlie Went Nuts

March 14, 2011 By:
Pete Wentz is

Charlie Sheen went from being a winner to the butt of everyone's jokes. He's so out of control celebrities are even joking about his crazy rants.

There's no escaping Charlie. You're either in his Korner or you're hearing about it. And Pete Wentz wouldn't be more thrilled about the timing of his meltdown.

When asked about his divorce from Ashlee Simpson he told Ryan Seacrest: "I think that one of the things, the hardest thing, is that when you're a public profile it's hard to maintain your private life, and you wanna do it especially when there's a kid involved.

"It's like the one time on earth I'm like, 'Thank God, Charlie Sheen exists.'"

Charlie going batshit crazy has helped a lot of people. He stole Lindsay's thunder, he helped Radaronline get a traffic boost, porn stars all have high hopes of landing a psycho A-lister now. He even made Twitter interesting for a couple of days. Are you over the Charlie drama? Should Hollyscoop go on a Charlie break?