No More Drugs Tests Required for Charlie and Brooke

July 12, 2011 By:
No More Drugs Tests Required for Charlie and Brooke

Pop quiz: Who is a bigger mess, Charlie Sheen or Brooke Mueller? The answer is both.

According to their original custody agreement, they both had to undergo random drug testing, but as of June of this year, that clause has been thrown out of their agreement. So both parents are free to get high.

They reached their joint custody agreement in June and while details of the agreement were not filed in court, in order to keep the terms completely confidential, TMZ claims part of the agreement is neither Charlie nor Brooke have to undergo drug tests. Well isn't that just great.

Just yesterday Brooke was photographed with a homemade crack pipe in Hawaii looking like a mess, and Charlie is just a mess period. But the sad part is Brooke is probably worse than Charlie and she’s the primary caregiver for their twin boys. Where are child services when you need them?!

Brooke goes to rehab every few months but never stays clean. And Charlie is just a whack job. Why these two are still allowed to be full time parents is beyond me.