New Details About Charlie's Expensive Night With Hookers

January 19, 2011 By:
New Details About Charlie's Expensive Night With Hookers

We already knew Charlie Sheen loooooves hookers, but just how much does he love them? Enough to spend $26,000 on one night.

When Charlie went on a bender in Vegas he reportedly spent $26K on three prostitutes escorts. He gave "Ginger" $10,000 for a four-hour sex romp, reports Radaronline. And the other two got $8,000 a piece.

"Ginger said Charlie was high on cocaine when she got to the room and continued to do drugs in front of her," the source told Radar.

"He was totally out of it and clearly had been partying all night long."

This was the same night Jesse James' mistress Michelle McGee hooked up with him in his $40,000 a night suite. Man, this guy is such a mess it's disturbing!

Why doesn't he just get a slutty girlfriend he can hook up with all the time for free? I don't blame the suits at Two and a Half Men for being pissed about his behavior, it's pretty disgusting.

And as if it wasn't bad enough that he's either not showing up to work or showing up late, he really looks like shit on the show. He looks like he's been doing drugs, banging hookers and not sleeping. Someone send this fool to rehab!