New Details About Charlie Sheen's Violent TAHM Death Revealed

August 10, 2011 By:
New Details About Charlie Sheen's Violent TAHM Death Revealed

Charlie Sheen learned that his Two and a Half Men character, Charlie Harper will be run over by a Subway train in Paris, blowing up in a "meat explosion." So what does Sheen think about his own death?

"I am honored that it took something as large and violent as an oncoming train to terminate my character. Anything less would have been an insult!"

Yes, but I'm sure you would have taken it as a compliment anyway.

And everyone's favorite troll, Jon Cryer, continues to be diplomatic about Charlie Sheen going bat sh-t crazy. He's like an oblivious mom who is too proper and ashamed to admit her son is in juvy.

"It was an awful thing to be part of," Cryer says. "I never want to go through that again. I'm glad that some peace has come out of it. I was surprised with everything that went down."

Sheen recently said "Ashton's gonna kill it" in his new role on the show.

"It'll be nice to know that they get some carryover ratings from people being sorta curious about what happened to their guy."

Sheen was making $1.25 million per episode, and with profit sharing, that brought him to $2 million. Ashton is reportedly making between $800,000 and $900,000. How measly. According to TMZ, Ashton will be getting the "back end" profits as well.

Cryer says Ashton "did the show on Friday and tore the roof off the joint."

Kutcher and wife Demi Moore reportedly threw a party for the cast and crew after shooting the first episode, buying them drinks in the back room of the Troubador.

"They've managed to bring Ashton in a really terrific way," Cryer says of his new costar. I'd say the same thing if someone was paying for my cocktails.

It was recently announced that Cryer will be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

"[Growing up] I couldn't even dream of something like that, and that that's going to be a reality for me, has not sunk in," the actor said.

Over the past few days in Los Angeles, "Where's Charlie" stickers have been popping up. Most of them are in the Mulholland area where Sheen lives. According to TMZ, Sheen says he appreciates the love but doesn’t condone vandalism. Because that's illegal and Charlie Sheen is such a law-abiding citizen and all.

What do you think about Charlie's TAHM death? How would you have killed his character off?