Mom of Charlie Sheen's Goddess Speaks Up

March 1, 2011 By:
Mom of Charlie Sheen's Goddess Speaks Up

Marie Oberlin, mother of one of Charlie Sheen’s two goddesses, has found out about her daughter’s living arrangements and is highly concerned.

“I was doing laundry this morning and I had the TV on in the background,” Oberlin said.

Maybe they’ll get James Franco to play this woman in a movie. Because apparently she’s been living under a rock. It’s bad when the rest of the world knows your daughter is living with Charlie Sheen and you’re just now finding out.

"I was walking by with a load of laundry and I heard [Sheen] say something about goddesses. And I thought, 'Oh brother, what is he talking about?',” Oberlin tells People. “I didn't know he was talking about my daughter. I thought he was talking about his ex wife or something."

Oberlin says she wishes she could “get in touch with someone who could give me some insight into all this. I just want to know what he is thinking.” Sheen hasn’t exactly been hiding what he’s thinking, so my advice is, turn on the TV.

Along with his two goddesses, Sheen’s twins with ex Brooke Mueller have been staying with him in his Mulholland Estate mansion. And Sheen is working to keep it that way.

A source told, “Charlie believes Brooke, at present, is not in a position to care for the children with the love and attention they need.”

The sad part is, he's kind of right. The sadder part is, neither is he. These kids are screwed.