Miley Cyrus and Charlie Sheen are Twitter BFFs

April 5, 2011 By:
Miley Cyrus and Charlie Sheen are Twitter BFFs

Miley Cyrus and Charlie Sheen have been stroking each others’ egos since
Cyrus rejoined Twitter on Sunday.

“’Do not fear…the Sheenius is here!’ I’m not gonna lie. I came back to
twitter for 2 reasons. My fans and to follow Charlie Sheen.”

Really, that’s gonna be your first tweet? A played out pun and a sad attempt
at pretending you still have fans? If she does have fans, her joining
twitter doesn’t really make a difference, because I'm guessing most of them
can’t read anyway.

Except for Sheen, maybe, who responded to Cyrus’ tweet with another tweet.
To save you some time, I’ll just post the dialogue.

SHEEN: Dear Miley, Welcome back to Twitter! Always felt you were epic! Now
you proved it! Thanks for the love.

CYRUS: I always felt the same about you! You have taught me everything I
know about WINNING. Duh!


CYRUS: Honey sesame chicken, garlic rice & salad. There’s only one thing
missing & that’s Charlie Sheen!

Get a room.