Mel Gibson Reaches Out to Charlie Sheen

March 1, 2011 By:
Mel Gibson Reaches Out to Charlie Sheen

In the midst of all of his recent media attention (Read: mental breakdown), Charlie Sheen says Mel Gibson is supporting him.

“[Mel] was just, you know, not calling for any advice, just like thought you might like to hear a friendly voice. He was a stone cold dude. I was really impressed.”

I can only assume this means these two are planning to join together to form a gang of crazy celebrities that will take over Hollywood. If they call up Britney Spears, my face just might melt.

Sheen also said good pal Sean Penn visited him recently.

“He was happy to see me. We had a few laughs. We took a photo on the couch. He was on my show, the episode that he did.”

Charlie, you’re not throwing us off with the “photo on the couch” comment. “Oh, this is what normal people who don’t do hard drugs do, right? Take, uh, photos? On the couch? Yeah, that’s what we did. Very normal evening.”

On CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’, Charlie addressed the fact that his drug use might kill him.

“Of course it had crossed my mind. I'd be a liar if I sat here and said it hadn't. But not to the point where I ever felt like I was blacking out or passing out or, you know, having a giant heart pain or something like that."

Uh, what? Does he mean he never thinks about dying so much to the point where he’s blacking out or—you know what, nevermind. Just stick to telling us how much you’re winning, Charlie.