Martin Sheen: Charlie is "Emotionally Crippled"

March 21, 2011 By:
Martin Sheen: Charlie is

Charlie Sheen and his father, Martin Sheen, have more in common than just a made-up last name.

Martin told The Telegraph, “I know what hell he's living in. I've had psychotic episodes in public. One of them was on camera -- the opening scene of Apocalypse Now. So I know what Charlie is going through."

At least Martin’s psychotic episode was masked by a good script. There’s no covering up the embarrassment that is “Sheen’s Korner.”

Martin explains that Charlie’s childish behavior is due to past drug use.

“When you're addicted, you don't grow emotional. So when you get clean and sober, you're starting at the moment you started using drugs or alcohol. You're emotionally crippled."

If that’s the case, Charlie should be crawling on the floor in a diaper saying “me want ba-ba.” Because I’m pretty sure he came out of his mother's vagina asking for a martini.

Having converted to Catholicism, Martin believes there’s still hope for his son.

"Faith can help all of us," he says. "Addiction is the dark side. It's a reflection of despair. And it's fed by all the other negativity."

Sure, addiction is fed by negativity. But also, the drugs.