Man Who Blackmailed Charlie Sheen Goes Missing

November 22, 2013 By:
Man Who Blackmailed Charlie Sheen Goes Missing
Image By: Getty Images / Jason Merritt

Here’s the freakiest story you’re going to hear about all week, but it’s a doozy, so listen up.

Last week, Nicolas Cage’s nude photos went missing. They were stolen from his ex’s house by a man named Ricardo Orozco. Ricardo is now on trial.

Before he was arrested, Ricardo Orozco and his buddy Darwin Vela also stole a Charlie Sheen sex tape and told Charlie’s people that they were about to sell it.

Darwin has now gone missing.

Darwin was supposed to testify THIS WEEK in the Ricardo Orozco case and unless he planned to lie under oath, there’s a pretty good chance the Charlie Sheen sex tape would have come to light.

On Tuesday night, Darwin went for a walk with his dog; the dog came home alone, whimpering and covered in human blood.

As of now, Darwin is considered missing.

Long story short, the man who blackmailed Charlie Sheen with his sex tape has now gone missing.

We reached out to Charlie’s rep, who gave us the standard “No Comment.”