Lindsay Responds to Charlie's Advice

February 17, 2011 By:
Lindsay Responds to Charlie's Advice

What are we going to talk about when Charlie Sheen sobers up and Lindsay Lohan stops appearing in courtrooms? I heard there's some stuff going on in Egypt or something? Is Guantanamo Bay still a thing?

Oh, who am I kidding. Some things will never change. A friend of Lindsay's told TMZ she heard Sheen's recent advice to her on the Dan Patrick show. According to TMZ, Lindsay is telling friends she "appreciates Charlie giving her his support."

Well that's nice. Kind of like a little kid telling you how a car works, and you just pat him on the head and say, "awe, thank you, Billy!" then roll your eyes behind his back and call him a dumbass.

According to the friend, Lindsay doesn't believe she has self-control problems. I guess we'll find out when the D.A. turns over the surveillance video.

Sheen's costars haven't commented much on his absence, but rumor is they're angry over four of the episodes being cut. But Holland Taylor, who plays Evelyn Harper on the show, has nothing negative to say about the situation. She told

"All I can say is that I have the highest regard for the people working-on and producing the show and for Charlie's well being too."

Say what you will about Sheen, but at least he's not so groomed by publicists that he pretends there isn't a problem. Nope, he's calling radio shows, saying a crack addiction is manageable, totally unapologetic about who he is. You gotta love that! Don't get me wrong, he's definitely crazy. But it's refreshing that he lets the crazy hang out.