Judge Rules on Charlie and Brooke Custody Case

April 19, 2011 By:
Judge Rules on Charlie and Brooke Custody Case

When both parents are druggy messes, it's hard for a judge in a custody battle case to choose sides.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller showed up to court today, but the judge ruled that everything should stay the same.

Brooke fell off the wagon last week and is currently in rehab, and Charlie has been a mess for months, so the judge refused to give Charlie full custody, like he hoped.

Charlie's camp tried to argue that the twins would be better off with him, especially now that Brooke is in rehab, but the judge didn't go for it.

Charlie arrived with Goddess #1 and him and Brooke didn't make eye contact at all during the hearing.

Those kids need to be taken away and handed over to someone who doesn't drive around looking for crack cocaine during the middle of the day.

Give them to Denise, or her mother, the neighbor, the postman. Anyone would be better than Brooke.