John Stamos to Two and a Half Men: No Thanks!

March 12, 2011 By:
John Stamos to Two and a Half Men: No Thanks!

John Stamos has spoken--and he doesn't want to replace crazy Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men'.

John's name was casually mentioned as a replacement and within minutes Charlie went psycho, hoped on his Mercury surfboard and started bashing him with his #winning tag lines.

Good news for you crazy Charlie--he doesn't want the gig.

"It's really not part of my career plan right now," he told Ryan Seacrest Friday. "I'm just on a different trajectory."

"Charlie's great on that show and people love Charlie," he explained. "I hope it works out and I hope he goes back and I hope people get the show they love...I don't want to replace anyone, especially Charlie Sheen."

So John is out, Rob Lowe is out, and there haven't been any new names mentioned. They'll end up replacing Charlie for one season. Everyone will tune in to see how the 'New Charlie' will do, people will lose interest after a few episodes and the show will get canceled. So predictable.

Who do you think could save the show?