Is Chuck Lorre Losing it?

March 22, 2011 By:
Is Chuck Lorre Losing it?

At the end of Monday’s night’s new CBS sitcom, creator Chuck Lorre left the following statement on his infamous Vanity Card:

“One minute life is one thing. The next minute, life is something else. The feeling is one of disorientation. Topsy-turvy. Upheaval. Then the Earth says, 'No. I'll show you topsy-turvy. This, Chaim, is upheaval.'”

Cue laugh track. What a great, lighthearted, funny sitcom!

So is Lorre referring to Japan or Charlie Sheen? I’d like to think it’s sympathy for Japan, but it comes suspiciously soon after rumors that CBS wants Sheen back on the show. Especially with the final sentence:

“Regained perspective. Humility. Embrace the teaching. Call lawyer.”