Inside Charlie Sheen's Bathroom Stall Cocaine Party

October 29, 2010 By:
Inside Charlie Sheen's Bathroom Stall Cocaine Party

Charlie Sheen doesn’t have a care in the world! He’s not letting a jaunt in NYC with a hooker bring him down! He also has no problem with getting cocaine all over his face—more on that later.

The actor returned to work yesterday to shoot a cameo in the movie She Wants Me, and told reporters he’s “excellent” when asked how he was faring following the embarrassing NYC hotel room incident.

“I did great!” Sheen added, referring to his bit part in the movie.

Now to the coke details—apparently Charlie was found naked with cocaine all over his face in a restaurant bathroom the same night he went nuts on his escort at the Plaza.

Report: Charlie Sheen Owes Porn Star $12,000

“Before Charlie flipped out at the hotel and police were called he was wasted at the restaurant,” a source told “He was snorting cocaine and drinking vodka. He was also drinking wine.

“And he was wasted.”

Apparently Sheen’s assistant found him in the bathroom pants-less. “When the assistant opened the door, there was Charlie standing there naked with cocaine all over his face,” explains the source. “He was delusional and just completely lost. Totally out of it.”

Charlie Sheen Was Naked With Porn Star in NYC

“The assistant helped Charlie get dressed in the bathroom, “ the source said. “Charlie was out of it. Gone. Just wasted. At that point the assistant steered him out of there and back to the hotel and the rest of the party came along.”

His assistant then helped Charlie back to the hotel—where the party clearly kept on going.

We don’t know why we even care—Charlie doesn’t seem to at all.