HBO to Charlie Sheen: Whatcha Talkin' Bout?

February 25, 2011 By:
HBO to Charlie Sheen: Whatcha Talkin' Bout?

If Charlie Sheen is planning on packing his bags and moving over to HBO, it's new news to them.

HBO has no idea what 'Sheen's Corner' is and they have no plans to give him a $5 mil an episode like he claims. Must have been another coke-induced hallucination.

HBO said there's "no truth" to the reports that Charlie is in talks for his own 30-minute talk show.

On Thursday, he texted Radaronline and said he plans to move to HBO and star in a program that will be “epic” and feature ”all types of guests and we will focus on the truth and the absurd!”

Networks are where the big money is at and no cable company can match his current $2 mil an episode for 'Two and a Half Men' much less add an additional $3 mil.

Funny thing is both CBS, where 'Two and Half Men' is, and HBO are both owned by Warner Bros. If you f**k over CBS, chances are HBO isn't going to want him either. So there is no way he could be in negotiations within the same company.