Hanes Drops Charlie Sheen

January 7, 2010 By:
Hanes Drops Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s domestic violence dispute has resulted in him being dropped by his sponsor. Hanes decided today to drop the contract with Sheen, calling it a “straightforward call” due to the “magnitude” of the allegations.

Charlie has yet to be officially charged—and that’s not expected to happen until February. But that doesn’t make a difference to Hanes. According to Popeater, company spokesman Matt Hall thinks the decision was necessary.

"It's a pretty standard, straightforward call when somebody who's in your commercials is arrested on suspicion of something of this magnitude," Hall said. "And we would suspend the ads both for the company and, really, for Mr. Sheen and his family as well. Given the publicity, it makes sense to not air those ads during that time."

In fact, the ads were pulled on December 28th, which was just one business day after Sheen was arrested. To the dismay of Hanes, print ads will continue to run through the spring. "Unfortunately, the production schedule of those publications do not allow us to pull those ads," Hall said.

But, says the spokesman, Charlie wouldn’t have had a contract for too much longer regardless of if he’d been arrested on Christmas Day. Hanes doesn’t expect there to be much of an impact on the company either.

"We have other commercials. We have commercials for our socks, and so we'll probably push those commercials some more," he said. "We really don't view the first half of the year as a marketing-critical time for the advertiser, so we don't think there's any detriment to the brand by not having the opportunity to run these ads if we wanted to."

We think the company made the right decision!