From Elton John to Charlie Sheen: Stars Who Overdosed

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From Elton John to Charlie Sheen: Stars Who Overdosed

Amy Winehouse had a really public battle with her drug and alcohol problems, overdosing in 2007 from heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and crystal meth. Her addictions got the best of her, but that didn’t stop Amy from becoming one of the most prominent artists of our time. Sadly, her most famous hit would become an ironic memento of her life.

Russell Brand took to his website to post a tribute to Amy, which doubled as an important message about the nature of addiction. So many celebs have struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. Sometimes they get the help they need, and other times, it’s too late.

Elton John: Elton’s addictions to alcohol and cocaine took their toll in 1975, when he overdosed during “Elton Week” in Los Angeles. He now cites getting sober as his greatest accomplishment.

Jimi Hendrix: Jimi Hendrix was one of the greatest guitarists of all time, headlining Woodstock and becoming a rock legend even before his death. Hendrix died in 1970, only a few weeks before fellow rocker and drug addict Janis Joplin passed away. The autopsy showed Hendrix had combined sleeping pills and wine.

Eminem: After nearly dying from a drug overdose, Eminem kicked his addiction to a variety of medications. “Now rap’s getting me high again,” Eminem said.

River Phoenix: Phoenix tragically died of a heroin overdose in front of the Viper Room in Hollywood. River’s younger brother, Joaquin, made the 911 call before witnessing River’s death. He was only 23 years old.

Kelly Osbourne: After Osbourne publically made fun of Courtney Love’s drug problems, the rocker went to the media to recall a time when she saved Kelly’s life:

“This is a girl whose life I have saved twice, once with CPR and another time with CPR and violence — by which I mean I had to poke her furiously in certain places to wake her up from her coma. It wasn't long ago when Kim Stewart was screaming, 'Courtney, what are we going do? Kelly Osbourne is blue on the floor!' Kelly wasn't doing that well back then."

Anna Nicole Smith: The public laughed about Anna Nicole Smith’s bizarre behavior while she was on drugs. But in 2007, it was no longer a joke. Smith died from an overdose of prescription medication just like her idol, Marilyn Monroe.

Chris Farley: The SNL star and comedian died from an overdose of cocaine and morphine in 1998. Former SNL writer Al Franken claimed that producer Lorne Michaels repeatedly suspended Farley from the show so he could get help with his addictions.

Charlie Sheen: After two years of being clean, Charlie Sheen overdosed in 1998. He claims to be totally sober now, but after his now infamous meltdown, who knows what the hell is going on with that guy.

Naomi Campbell: After an argument with her boyfriend in 1997, the supermodel overdosed on barbiturates. Naomi cheated death and, in 1999, she entered rehab.

John Belushi: At 33, Belushi was found dead in his room at the Chateau Marmont. He had overdosed after taking a speedball, an injection of cocaine and heroin.