Friends Fear for Charlie Sheen's Life

October 26, 2010 By:
Friends Fear for Charlie Sheen's Life

Charlie Sheen's friends are worried for his life because he's reportedly been "out of control" for months now.

Charlie, who has always had a thing for hookers and booze, completed rehab earlier this year and was just 8 days away from his probation ending when his drunken hotel room incident happened last night.

Charlie Sheen Under Psychiatric Evaluation

Friends say after he completed rehab he started hanging out with a "bad crowd" again and started boozing it up around August.

According to TMZ, He was also reportedly spotted drinking at the Playboy mansion recently.

He's currently under psychiatric evaluation at a NY hospital. More details coming soon!

UPDATE: According to TMZ the bigwigs at "Two and a Half Men" have chartered a private jet and plan to fly Charlie home today.