Five Stars Who Could Benefit From Anger Management

June 28, 2012 By:
Five Stars Who Could Benefit From Anger Management

“Everyone deserves a 24th chance…”

That’s the tagline for the latest and greatest project from the mind of Charlie Sheen. And tonight, viewers will get a chance to see if the man who made “winning” cool has still got it.

Charlie as “Charlie” seemed like a perfect fit in the long running CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men.” Now, he’ll take his talents to cable, playing another Charlie-influenced character, Charlie Goodson, in his new series “Anger Management” on FX.

Based loosely on the 2003 Adam Sandler-Jack Nicolson film, the show premieres tonight and with all the hype and advertising surrounding the debut, it’s clear that the actor wants it to succeed.

Not only does the new show take the bold move of putting Charlie back in front of the camera, it will also portray him in a therapist position helping people sort out their issues.

Already the Internet is aflutter with reviews and opinions as to whether or not the show is a success. Regardless, there’s no doubt about it… Tonight, all eyes will be on Charlie.

The subject of anger management is not foreign to Sheen. He spent a year of his time in it.

On Tuesday, he teased the new show on “Wendy” and host Wendy Williams suggested having stars join the show for guest appearances.

“You should have real life angry people like Alec Baldwin and people like that come and guest spot on the couch,” said Wendy. “I think that’d be funny.”

Great idea, Wendy! Here are five celebrities who could benefit from “real life” anger management:

1) Alec Baldwin: As Wendy shamelessly suggested, Mr. Baldwin is an excellent selection for this category. Equally hotheaded as he is talented, the actor has repeatedly made headlines with his less delicate moments.

Most recently, Alec Baldwin reportedly shoved and hit a photographer with the New York Daily News while he was picking up his marriage license in NYC. He’s also been known to leave verbally abusive voicemails on relatives phones and participating in some truly aggressive Words With Friends games.

Last minute wedding gift for Alec’s wedding this weekend? How ‘bout some coupons to the counselor?

2) Mel Gibson: Uhhh… Need I say more?

From his abrasive rants to his abrasive threats, Gibson rages on to this list with ease. In fact, skip the therapy and go right for the straight jacket…

The actor has screamed at his baby mama, he’s screamed at co-workers, he’s screamed at police officers. What makes him extra special is that, somehow, it always ends up on tape. Whether he’s calling out conspiracies, trashing Jews, or simply condemning all of humanity, someone’s always recording it for our listening pleasure.

His most recent explosion is brought to you by screenwriter Joe Eszterhas.

3) Christian Bale: Who could ever forget the Terminator Salvation outburst from Christian Bale?

Bale has been known to wow us with roles like his Batman interpretation to his bold weight loss in The Fighter. But it was his tirade against cinematographer Shane Hurlbut in 2009 that truly made our jaws drop.

When Hurlbut interrupted Bale’s scene not once, but two times, there were “f**kin’ a**”s, “f**k sake”s and “f**kin” just about everything else coming form the actor’s mouth. I have chills just thinking about it… For future reference, everyone, don’t cross Christian!

4) Courtney Love: Wild girl Courtney Love is known for her hard living lifestyle and an even harder right hook.

In 2004, Courtney was charged with a felony assault with a deadly weapon when she walked in on Kristin King sleeping on her ex-boyfriend/manager’s couch and attacked via liquor bottle and flashlight. King testified that Love sat on her, pulled her hair, scratched her, and gave her “the worst punch” of her life.

Unfortunately for Courtney, with such a lengthy drug history, anger was not her only problem at the time.

5) Chris Brown: Yes, he may make great music and great music videos, but he still has a tendency to be a jerk… At least when it comes to Rihanna.

Years after he beat RiRi, the R&B singer proved that feelings still run deep when a fight reportedly broke out between him and Drake in NYC club W.i.P because of Rihanna. Now the artists are being offered $1 million a piece to finish what they started[

What do all these people have in common? The anger seems to be working for them as they continue to put out great material.

Find out if “Anger” works for Charlie, tonight on “Anger Management” at 9/8c on FX.