Father of Sheen Stalker Wants Bail Money

March 11, 2011 By:
Father of Sheen Stalker Wants Bail Money

David Pack, the unemployed 26 year-old stalker who traveled to Los Angeles to visit Charlie Sheen, is now in prison under a $1,000 bail. And someone needs to get him out quick, because looking like a rabid goat doesn't bode well for prison.

Pack’s father told Radaronline that he believes Sheen should pay for the bail.

“David traveled to Los Angeles with his twin brother Jason about three days ago in their Honda Accord to support Charlie Sheen. My son is not a bad person…he has been prescribed Adderall in the past to deal with his ADHD. I think that Charlie Sheen should bail my son out because he is a fan and not a stalker...”

Pack trespassed onto Sheen’s Sherman Oaks property Thursday night by scaling the fence into the actor’s backyard—a skill I can only imagine he learned by playing Halo for hours on end.

“I tried to persuade both David and Jason not to go but they would not listen to me – they used to work for FedEx and Walmart but they are currently unemployed.”

This is what Charlie Sheen’s fan based is now reduced to: ex-Walmart employees with ADHD and severely unkempt beards.