Fans Vote to Have 'Two and a Half Men' Canceled

March 4, 2011 By:
Fans Vote to Have 'Two and a Half Men' Canceled

The fans have spoken and they don't want Two And A Half Men to go on without their beloved Charlie Sheen.

More than 20,000 viewers took part in a poll on TV Guide and 51% of TAHM viewers agreed--there's simply no show without Charlie.

Charlie and Chuck Lorre are still engulfed in a war of words so the rest of the season has already been canceled, and so far, it looks like they may all be out of job. So much for #winning.

There's been a couple of names thrown out there as possible replacements for Charlie, including John Stamos, but Charlie really makes the show.

My suggestion was having Charlie's brother Emilio Estevez take over and they can always say Charlie went in for plastic surgery and came out looking like Emilio. Who do you think could possibly replace Charlie? And what would the plot line be?