Dr. Drew: I'm Afraid Charlie Sheen is Going to Die

October 27, 2010 By:
Dr. Drew: I'm Afraid Charlie Sheen is Going to Die

Dr. Drew has added his two cents on the Charlie Sheen situation, and his words might shock you!

Dr. Drew thinks Sheen’s addiction is worse than anyone really knows, and that he needs treatment ASAP. "I'm afraid Charlie is going to die. This is just the tip of the iceberg with him,” he told RadarOnline.com.

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“This truly scares me. I'm saddened and scared for Charlie. Charlie is deeply in his condition."

Dr. Drew went on to say that going back to work on Two and a Half Men was probably the worst thing Sheen could have done. I'm really sad and surprised that Charlie Sheen went back to work as soon as he did last year. Work is the last thing he needs right now,” Pinsky said.

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“Charlie needs least three months of in-patient treatment. His addiction is far worse than anyone knows or realizes."

The doctor said Sheen probably felt the pressure to return to work since he’s on a top show and is the highest-paid TV actor. “I'm sure Charlie is saying it's okay that he is going back to work. He is feeling the pressure of being on a number one rated television show, and he is minimizing how bad things are,” Dr. Drew explained. “It's a very risky maneuver for him to go back to work, and that situation is going to get a lot worse very quickly."

Scary! We did hear a rumor Sheen might enter an outpatient program secretly…so we hope he actually does it!