Dr. Drew: "Charlie Sheen Needs Medication"

April 5, 2011 By:
Dr. Drew:

Finally, something the two of them can agree on. Except for the fact that when Dr. Drew says “medication”, he means prescription drugs to treat bipolar disorder, and for Charlie Sheen, it means a mixture of cocaine and Dimatap.

Dr. Drew Pinsky discussed Sheen’s claim that he’s just playing a role, saying, “It’s one thing to say you’re playing a role, it’s another thing to believe that’s who you are,” Pinsky said on his new HLN talk show.

“He needs some medication,” Dr. Drew said. Specifically, he said Sheen should be taking a medicine that would treat the manic phase of his bipolar disorder.

I love how Charlie Sheen repeatedly behaves like a lab chimp throwing a tantrum, and Dr. Drew discusses it so calmly. You see, the subject is now displaying symptoms of withdrawal. He needs medication. For now, just toss an ex-porn star in there, it should hold him over.

Celebrities have been put off by Dr. Drew’s comments in the past, most notably Lindsay Lohan. Last October, Pinsky told Hollyscoop, “She’s in a good program now and she needs to just stay there and follow direction and just do what is asked of her.”

After being offended by his advice, Lohan expressed her discontent by not sitting next to him at the MTV Movie Awards. Ha! That’ll show him!

Pinsky then apologized to Lohan, via Hollyscoop, saying, “I hope I have not caused you any distress.”

Similarly, Sheen has expressed he doesn’t need Dr. Drew’s help, saying, “I think me and Pinsky should jump in the ring, and I can show him how unstable these fists really are.”

If the porn star doesn’t work, toss in a banana, too.