Details on Charlie's Wild Two Day Party

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Details on Charlie's Wild Two Day Party

UPDATE: While Kacey was at Charlie's house she tweeted a photo of her vag with a caption that read "Forgot about kpuff" and another tweet moments later that said, "It's officially 24 hours of drinking! Hehe."

Earlier that same night she tweeted, "Rehab is for schmux and AA IS FOR quitters" and "ok for all he fucking haters... i'm getting a baby blue convertable bentley next month so i dunno... HUSH fml." Did Charlie Sheen pull a Charlie Harper and promise her a car in exchange for sex?


Charlie Sheen has been out of control lately.

He was taken out of his home and into an ambulance on a stretcher this morning after a "wild party" and now we're learning the party started on Tuesday night--not Wednesday!

Charlie Sheen Rushed to the Hospital

According to TMZ, porn star Kacey Jordan was asked by a third party to stop by Charlie's house "to party."

When she got there Tuesday night there were already four other girls at the house partying it up with Charlie. He had a huge wine stain on his shirt, which means the party had started long before Kacey got there.

Kacey left his house Wednesday afternoon after an all nighter, but she says Charlie was still partying like a rockstar when she left.

The other four women stayed behind to fuck and do drugs party with Charlie and at some point something went terribly wrong. At 7AM this morning the ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

This isn't his first drug/alcohol infused binge. He's been so out of control lately the suits at Two and a Half Men are reportedly trying to stage an intervention for him.

Charlie's parents and ex Denise Richards are all at the hospital right now--which can't be good news. Apparently his condition is "very serious" and he's "sleeping" right now. Let's just hope "sleeping" isn't code for 'in a coma'.

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