Denise Richards Moves Into Charlie Sheen's Neighborhood

August 26, 2011 By:
Denise Richards Moves Into Charlie Sheen's Neighborhood

That's it, I'm convinced Charlie Sheen is starting his own cult. He has now convinced seemingly sane Denise Richards to move in to his neighborhood, along with Brooke Mueller.

Denise is moving into a home six houses down from Sheen's. Charlie bought it earlier this year from movie exec Mike Medavoy. According to TMZ, Charlie is also looking to by a third home in the same gated community for Brooke Mueller and their twins.

Sources say that Charlie and Denise are getting along pretty well and he wants her there so he can be close to his kids.

Recently, Chuck Lorre reportedly invited her to be a guest on the upcoming season of Two and a Half Men. Denise turned it down out of fear that she would "never hear the end of it" from Sheen.

I used to think Denise Richards was just incredibly patient, but I'm starting to realize she's crazy, too.

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen's sitcom is still in the works. It was announced this summer that Charlie Sheen is starring in a TV adaptation of the Jack Nicholson/Adam Sandler movie, Anger Management. At least he won't need much time to get into character.

Executives are apparently looking for a show runner, having narrowed it down to three candidates, comedy writer/producers Tom Straw, Bruce Helford and Chris Case.

The three have already met with Sheen as well as Jon Feltheimer, chief executive of Lionsgate, which is producing the show.

So far, word is that they will produce twelve episodes with Sheen for a test run on a cable network. Though it may even just go to a digital service, a la Netflix. If people respond well to it, they may do as many as ninety more episodes.

At this point, I don't know if Charlie's name alone can bring the ratings in. Sadly, Charlie has kind of desensitized us all to himself. He overwhelmed us with his insanity earlier this year, so nothing he says/does anymore is that impressive. I'm guessing people will tune in for the first episode and be done with it.

And that seems to be the same sentiment for Two and a Half Men. Despite predictions by Ashton Kutcher that she show will "go through the roof," the chance of the show lasting isn't realistic. Most sitcoms that have replaced their lead haven't really worked out, although there are some exceptions. I just don't know if people are ready to see Kelso back in action.