Denise Richards Bans "Disgusting" Charlie From Seeing Kids

March 4, 2011 By:
Denise Richards Bans

Denise Richards has really tried to stay quiet about this whole Charlie Sheen mess, but sources close to her say she's absolutely "disgusted" with what's going on.

Denise has been by Charlie's side through thick and thin, even rushing to the hospital when he overdosed had a hernia, but enough is enough.

She's so disgusted by the way he's living his life, she's keep their two girls away from him until he cleans up his act.

"Denise thinks Charlie is unstable, but also thinks the goddesses should not be anywhere near her kids," a source close to Denise tells TMZ.

And she wasn't too thrilled with Brooke Mueller's claims that Charlie told everyone on the way to the Bahamas that he "violently" hated Denise and was going to have her hair shaved off. If there's anyone he "violently" hates its Chuck Lorre and Brooke, not Denise.

Apparently things were fine between them until Charlie asked her to come over for a photo shoot with him, their kids and his goddesses and Denise refused. Duh!

Charlie apparently went ballistic on her, sending her vicious text messages, "so she believes Charlie was in a state of mind to make the head-shaving comment."

I don't blame Denise, who the hell would want a bunch of porn stars helping raising their kids?! But at this point, anyone is better than Brooke. Stay tuned...things are getting dirty!