Denise Richards Admits to Helping Charlie Sheen at Hospital

October 27, 2010 By:
Denise Richards Admits to Helping Charlie Sheen at Hospital

Denise Richards couldn’t have planned the PR rounds for her new show better! The only thing anyone wants to know about is WTF went down in Charlie Sheen’s Plaza Hotel room the other night.

Richards appeared on Headline News on CNN with Joy Behar this morning, and Joy cut right to the chase and started grilling her. A very tentative Denise replied, “I do know what happened.”

She continued, “I would rather not talk about it. But I did help him at the hospital.”

And that’s pretty much all she said. When Behar pressed her to know how Sheen was doing, Rihards replied, “I’ll let you ask Charlie.”

Charlie, Denise and His Escort Dined Together Last Night

“My daughters are five and six years old, and they’re at an age where they can start to understand. They have no idea what went on.

“A lot of our stuff happened when they were much younger which I’m so grateful for. We’re in an amazing place—we’ve been getting along great for the last year and a half, and we’re doing our best. I’m trying to protect my girls from it as much as possible.”

In related news, Charlie has reportedly contacted the Plaza Hotel to find out what his bill is. The cost is estimated at $7000, but sources tell TMZ it could go up.

Check out Denise on HLN below.