Denise and Brooke to Charlie: Stay Away From the Kids!

March 10, 2011 By:
Denise and Brooke to Charlie: Stay Away From the Kids!

Charlie Sheen's crazy rants have cost him his job and now his kids.

Both Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller don't want their kids anywhere near Charlie while he continues his weird media blitz.

"Brooke is extremely concerned for the safety of Bob and Max when it comes to being with their father,” the source tells Radaronline. “She is demanding that Charlie get a full mental health examination before he is allowed to have his next visit with the boys.

"If Brooke needs to go to court to make this happen she will. Brooke won't allow the boys to be with their father again until the mental health evaluation takes place."

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that Denise told Charlie he's not allowed in her house to see the children because of his recent erratic behavior.

So now Charlie wants to have a big party at his house this weekend to celebrate his daughter Sam's birthday, and wants to invite all her friends. Denise is apparently pissed off about the invitation and says Sam isn't going, nor are any of her friends.

So he's lost his job, his friends, his kids and his mind. Tigers blood ain't all its cracked out to be. #losing.