Daniel Baldwin: Charlie's Not Sober!

March 11, 2011 By:
Daniel Baldwin: Charlie's Not Sober!

Daniel Baldwin knows a thing or two about being a drunken slob kabob, so he doesn't believe for a second that Charlie Sheen is clean and sober.

Daniel was a special guest on Piers Morgan last night and since he doesn't have anything to promote (why was he on anyway?!), he talked smack about his "friend" Charlie knowing very well it would make headlines today.

He said: "I don't buy for a second that he's sober… I'm hoping that he has that moment of clarity that wakes him up and he sees himself... carrying on the way he is. It's gonna be one of those girls [Sheen's 'goddesses'] gets killed or something awful happens and I hope we don't lose our friend over it."

And he's willing to drive over to Charlie's house and yank a piece of hair out of his head to prove it. "Charlie said to you guys that he would debate anybody. I'll come on the show and debate with Charlie over the 12 Steps and whether he's sober or not. And then I'll yank a hair out of his head and have it DNA tested and see how long he's been sober."

In regards to the gnarly Mercury surfboard rides Charlie's been taking, Daniel added, "It's like watching a car in its last two laps at the Indy 500 being on fire and you're no longer wondering whether or not the guy is gonna finish the race, you're wondering whether it is going to explode and how many people it's going to take with it," he said.

Daniel had a long love affair with cocaine so he knows what he's talking about-unlike Charlie. Seriously, the guy makes absolutely no sense right now. If you missed Daniel on Piers Morgan, check out the clip below...