Chuck Lorre on Ashton Replacing Charlie: 'It Was Unnerving'

March 13, 2012 By:
Chuck Lorre on Ashton Replacing Charlie: 'It Was Unnerving'

After Charlie Sheen’s massive meltdown, ‘Two And A Half Men’ became much more than an entertaining sitcom. It became a headline that the public was fascinated with.

Hollyscoop caught up with Chuck Lorre, the creator of the show, at the 'Two And A Half Men PaleyFest 2012' event, and we asked what it was like replacing Charlie Sheen with Ashton Kutcher.

"It was a very steep learning curve because we had to kind of reinvent the show,” Lorre told us. “We were thrown into the deep end of the pool. And it was a little unnerving, but I think we stumbled through it.”

Lorre admitted that there were some missteps along the way.

“Every step wasn't exactly the best step,” Lorre told Hollyscoop. “But I think we [corrected it] as we went along, and we found a nice dynamic now. It's working for everybody."

During that transition period, Chuck tells us he wishes he “was smarter and better and funnier.”

And what about those infamous vanity cards we all started noticing when they took aim at Sheen?

“I just make stuff up,” Chuck told us of how he comes up with topics for the cards. “And hopefully it won’t get me in trouble.”

It doesn't. Usually.

Chuck says the onset chemistry with Ashton has been “very easy going.”

“Ashton’s a really cool guy! He’s really smart,” Lorre told Hollyscoop.

And Lorre even has a bold prediction for Ashton’s future:

“He’s going to be governor of California someday. I’m saying it right here!”

After all the drama with Charlie, would Lorre ever work with the unpredictable actor again?

“Let’s leave that one unanswered,” he told Hollyscoop.

Two And A Half Men star Jon Cryer vouched for Ashton being a good fit.

“It’s been a blast!” Cryer told Hollyscoop. “He’s willing to do anything, which is great. He has no dignity.”

So would Cryer ever consider working with Sheen again?

“I don’t know,” Cryer told us. “It’s a crazy world.”