Charlie's ex Accepts Offer to Move Nearby

February 22, 2011 By:
Charlie's ex Accepts Offer to Move Nearby

Earlier this week we reported that Charlie Sheen had asked both his exes, Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards to move to the Mulholland Estates to be closer to him. He even offered to cough up the expenses for the big move.

Brooke has jumped at the opportunity and has accepted his offer to move next door. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to live in a mansion and next to Charlie Harper Sheen?

A source told "Once Charlie talked to Brooke about his idea, it just made perfect sense to her. Brooke wants to help Charlie in his path to sobriety, and having the boys closer, can only help him."

"She is planning on taking Charlie up on his very generous offer. Brooke thinks it’s a great idea because Charlie can see their twin sons on a daily basis. It's much easier for Charlie to visit the twins if he is neighbors with Brooke,” the source added.

I’m not really sure Denise will accept the offer to be involved in the shit show that’s Charlie Sheen’s life on a daily basis. It’s fine to see him once a week, but every day will just be ridiculous. That’s unless he decides to up her child support on a monthly basis because we all know she will jump on that opportunity.