Charlie to Lindsay: Get It Together

February 16, 2011 By:
Charlie to Lindsay: Get It Together

Charlie Sheen called into the Dan Patrick radio show again this morning and
talked about Lindsay Lohan, of all people. Sheen called Patrick on Monday to
vent about work, and I can only imagine at this point, he’s just bored at
home and needs someone to talk to before the hookers wake up.

He had some words of wisdom for Lohan:

“I dare you to get Lindsay on the show, you get Lindsay on the show, I'll
call in, because I've got some advice for her. I got some things I'd
recommend she consider, because I don't tell anybody what to do. ... Work on
your impulse control, think about things a little bit before you do them.”

Between this and the chocolate milk advice at UCLA, Charlie Sheen is gonna
be the next Dalai Lama. I know what everyone’s thinking. Taking advice on
“impulse control” from Charlie Sheen is like taking parenting advice from,
well, Charlie Sheen. But if I were Lindsay, I’d listen closely if someone
like Sheen worried about me.

He continued,

“I was not there in the store, the necklace, the thing, some bracelet, who
cares. They're so desperate to vilify, without fact, you know?”

He and Lohan are probably the most controversial celebs in the news the past
few weeks, so I can see why he’d think that. Dan Patrick just needs to get
Lindsay on the phone, then have Miley Cyrus call in, and the trainwreck
trifecta would be complete.