Charlie Sheen's Wife Brooke in ICU

January 20, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen's Wife Brooke in ICU

Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller are in the news again--but this time it has to do with a trip to the ICU.

According to TMZ, Brooke has been admitted to a hospital in Sherman Oaks, but no other details were released.

She reportedly had a temperature of 105 and could have pneumonia. But just yesterday there were reports that she had to postpone their domestic abuse trial because she was having her wisdom teeth removed.

So which is it? Complications from getting her wisdom teeth removed or pneumonia? And what's with everyone jumping on the wisdom tooth bandwagon. That's the excuse Mischa Barton gave when she ended up on a 5150 hold at a psych ward.


"Brooke is in the hospital ICU related to the surgery for her impacted wisdom tooth," her lawyer Yale Galanter tells People. "They are trying to get the infection and fever under control. The infection has spread."

Update 2: Charlie Sheen just showed up to the hospital to visit Brooke. He was accompanied by Mark Burg, Executive Producer of "Two and a Half Men." Charlie has been staying at Mark's guest house since a judge granted a protective order against him.