Charlie Sheen's Wife Arrested for Cocaine and DUI in the Past

December 30, 2009 By:
Charlie Sheen's Wife Arrested for Cocaine and DUI in the Past

Everyone was really quick to point fingers at Charlie Sheen following his argument with wife Brooke Mueller on Christmas because, well, he has a past. But it turns out Brooke isn't a saint herself.

Mueller's past criminal record show she's been arrested for Driving Under the Influence and she's been caught with cocaine!

In September 1996, she was busted by Palm Beach Police Department for DUI and property damage and she got into deeper trouble in March 2001 when she was arrested by Miami Police Department for cocaine possession, a 3rd degree felony, reports Radaronline.

According to the police report that was filed on Christmas, Brooke had been heavily drinking when she called 911 at 8:34AM. Who gets that drunk that early in the morning?

She claims that Charlie pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her after she told him she was going to divorce him, but just a few days later she was spotted out partying with Paris Hilton and Gerard Butler in Aspen. Where were her newborn twins while she was out partying? Your guess is as good as ours!

Something about this whole Charlie vs. Brooke ordeal doesn't sound right. We're sure they were both at fault, but Brooke's shady past is slowly starting to unravel and we have a feeling this is going to get real ugly real fast! What are your thoughts on the situation?