Charlie Sheen's New Sitcom Gets Premiere Date

February 28, 2012 By:
Charlie Sheen's New Sitcom Gets Premiere Date

Mark your calendars, because crazy is coming back to the small screen! Charlie Sheen has been steadfastly working on his new show, ‘Anger Management’ ever since his high-profile meltdown. Now, that sitcom has an actual air date: June 28!

To premiere on FX, the show is slated to run on Thursdays at 9:30 pm beginning this summer.

It’s FX, the same network that brings us Louie and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so most people have high hopes. The show is based on the movie Anger Management, starring Jack Nicholson.

“I chose ‘Anger Management’ because, while it might be a big stretch for me to play a guy with serious anger management issues, I think it’s a great concept,” Sheen joked.

The Charlie Sheen volcano seems to be lying dormant for now, with some occasional spewing about how Ashton Kutcher sucks. But mostly dormant.

Meanwhile, Sheen’s ex, Brooke Mueller, has been charged with cocaine possession, but she won’t face jail time, according to TMZ. Apparently, Brooke’s lawyer and the prosecutor are “deep” in plea bargain negotiations.
Mueller was arrested back in December with felony possession of cocaine, felony possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, and misdemeanor assault.

As far as the intent to distribute charge goes, Sheen says it’s bogus.
Sheen said, "With the child support I give her ... she's gonna deal drugs? Never gonna happen."

Charlie apparently pays his ex wife and mother of his twins over $55,000 a month in child support.