Charlie Sheen's Mother-in-Law: Brooke "Wants to Reconcile"

January 4, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen's Mother-in-Law: Brooke

As if there aren't enough dysfunctional couples in Hollywood, Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller have decided to reconcile.

Brooke's mother, socialite Moira Fiore, tells E! News that her daughter is ready to reconcile with Charlie and move forward. "She hasn't spoken with him," she said. "But she wants to reconcile with him."

When asked if she thinks it a good idea for her daughter to reconcile with the man that pulled a knife on her she said, "I have mixed emotions about it," adding that her daughter "won't listen" to her even if she tells her not to go back to him.

Meanwhile, Charlie was supposed to show up to court today but his hearing has been postponed due to scheduling conflicts, reports Us Weekly.

"The hearing for Monday has been taken off calendar by the judge," Aspen Chief Deputy DA Arnold Mordkin told Us Weekly over the weekend.

Looks like we have another week or so of he said she said. Are you over Charlie Sheen's marital drama?