Charlie Sheen's 'Men' Character Dies a Horrible Death

June 27, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen's 'Men' Character Dies a Horrible Death

Chuck Lorre is doing everything in his power to make sure Charlie Sheen never returns to Two and a Half Men--and that includes murdering his character.

It was previously rumored that Lorre planned to bring Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper, down in a plane crash, but now sources are reporting that Harper will die another tragic death, and it will hit a little closer to home.

The first show of the season won’t be filmed until August 5th, but producers have been tossing around ideas, one of which is Charlie driving his car off of a cliff.

Back in 2010, Charlie Sheen’s car was found driven off of a cliff—twice. First, in February, Sheen’s SUV was apparently stolen and found upside down at the bottom of a cliff near his Sherman Oaks home.

Four months later, his Mercedes was found at the foot of a cliff off of Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills, and the car’s engine was still running. Reports said that it was stolen and Sheen had left his keys in the car while it was parked in his driveway.

By killing off Sheen’s character, the producers are counting on a dark season premiere. How are you gonna make the show all depressing and then bring in Kelso? My guess is they’ll find a way to make his death hilarious.

Sources say Ashton Kutcher’s character will be introduced as a buyer for Harper’s house after he dies. However, the final script is still up in the air and Lorre can make changes all the way up until taping. But either way, it looks like Charlie Harper will be kicking the bucket.