Charlie Sheen's Major League Meeting

March 11, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen's Major League Meeting

Charlie Sheen met with Morgan Creek Productions executive David Robinson Friday afternoon to discuss the possibility of a Major League 3 movie, X17online is reporting.

The only role I can see Charlie Sheen having in this movie is an old catcher’s mitt. Because that’s what his face is starting to resemble.

And it’s either take your daughter to work day, or Charlie brought one of his goddesses to the meeting. Why, I don’t know. Probably because he couldn’t find a babysitter.

Earlier this week, Morgan Creek Productions CEO James Robinson said,

“There’s a huge part written for Charlie’s character … but after dealing with Lindsay Lohan on Georgia Rule, I can speak for someone who has experienced the difficulties of working with an actor dealing with addiction. I won’t go through that again. If Charlie doesn’t straighten up … I unfortunately can’t put him in the movie."

So it looks like the studio is having a change of heart. Which is good, because I don’t think he’s going to be making much from Sheen’s Korner, even if he did cleverly spell it with a ‘K’.

It was a busy afternoon for Charlie. He also visited a drug testing facility as part of his custody agreement with Brooke Mueller. Brooke is required to take a test at the same facility. No results yet, but I’m sure Charlie will force a clean test using only the radiating powers of his wizard brain waves.